Taste is only 7th in importance for US coffee makers buyers
Taste is only 7th in importance for US coffee makers buyers
Taste is only 7th in importance for US coffee makers buyers
Boaz Grinvald

Boaz Grinvald

Jun 3, 2019 ‧ 3 MIN.

You would think that when it comes coffee is all about taste. Well… the data says differently, taste is only 7th in importance for US coffee makers buyers in a long list of 45 different aspects. Life span, for example, has a bigger weight in the buying decision and holds the 6th place in importance. Want to know what are the top 5? Get the full report here.

For the past 3 years we’ve been providing the leading companies in the world with visibility into consumer analytics almost in real-time. Exposing weaknesses of their competition, discovering interest shifts in brands, products and features, and spotting new trends as soon as they begin to rise. In this case, we leveraged our technology to look into the $20B coffee market… just for fun.

Analyzing 370,000 consumer opinions with a single click

data collected

It’s quite easy actually, all we needed to do was to feed our software with consumer opinions from several US eCommerce sites that include consumer reviews. Overall our software collected 370,000 consumer opinions for the period of 2015 to 2018. These reviews and opinions included about 1,127,000 separate sentences of value about coffee makers.

These data collected covered 23 different brands, covering close to 1,000 separate unique products.

Without any setup or pre-definitions, the Revuze software automatically discovers and organizes the data into discussion topics and breaks them down into value sentences. Then it detects the sentiment for each sentence (positive, neutral, negative). The % of the positive sentences dictates the average sentiment of the market or a topic of discussion for a brand or a specific product. This way any role in any organization can easily understand consumer preferences and sentiment without the need to engage with experts or call in favors.

So, What Do Consumers Care About in Coffee Makers?

For the US coffee maker market, the overall market sentiment is 65%, meaning 65% of the sentences analyzed are positive (35% are neutral or negative). Average star rating in this market is also not sky high, and is 3.95 stars.


Our software auto discovered that consumers care about 45 different topics around coffee makers. The leading topic in terms of volume is Overall Satisfaction where about 50% of consumers mention if they are satisfied or not with the coffee maker. The last topic in importance (#45) is Manufacturing Country, with a volume of about 0.27% of consumers bringing it up in their review of the coffee maker.

As you can see in the topic list below, some topics are above average in sentiment (green) and others are below average in sentiment (orange or red).

The top 10 topics by importance/volume that consumers discuss in this market are:

  1. Overall Satisfaction
  2. Ease Of Use
  3. Price/Value For Money
  4. Design
  5. Clean-ability
  6. Life Span
  7. Taste
  8. Product Defect
  9. Size
  10. Time/Frequency Of Use

As you can see in the above list, some topics are generic ones that can be expected in every discussion about a product or a service (Overall satisfaction, ease of use, price, life span) but most topics are market specific (design, clean-ability, taste, defects, size and frequency).

Now It Becomes Really Interesting

This was just the high-level data that describes the overall market status and customer interests. When we started to click around drilling into the charts looking at the data broken by brands and products it become much juicier. So, we are considering a series of articles describing the different insights discovered about US coffee makers and how easy it is to get to these insights with our software.

If you’re in favor of the article series do let us know using the Contact Us page as this can help us decide on priority and speed. If you’re interested in seeing yourself the cool insights and how easy it is to get to them when no experts are requires, go to our free demo page and get a front row seat to a quick live online demo scheduled.

For another cool example of a market overview leveraging the Revuze automation take a look at our “STATE OF THE US FABRIC CARE INDUSTRY” article.

Boaz Grinvald

Boaz Grinvald