Revuze Product Update March 2020

Revuze product update March 2020

We take pride in enabling marketing and product executives to make data driven decisions quickly based on what their customers are asking for.

The understanding that every role must be aware of market trends is already well established. Revuze explorer our flagship product does exactly that, enabling every user to dive into analyzed data and extract valuable information and action items.

But sometimes wouldn’t you just wish that get a crunched in report monitoring your product launches get sent to your email on a weekly/ monthly basis?

Revuze Product Monitoring Report (NPL)

A detailed overview on a single product (SKU) of your choice. This report features volume and sentiment of online reviews, NPS index and top likes and dislikes accross channels.

Executive summary Report

A summary report of your company and brands highlighting the competitive landscape of the category and your status over time. The report gives a high level corporate view with a drill down into each of your product lines’ categories.

On top of that, we’ve also added a new product to measure, track and alert on any product review that popped up on major eCommerce website. You just have to select the source, and apply your filter selection and the alerts will be sent to your inbox.

Online Reviews Monitoring

Revuze Alerts allows you to receive emails on a daily or weekly basis with a corresponding link to online reviews, based on your settings of star-rating and/or keywords.

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