Online Reviews VS Customer Surveys (The Ultimate Guide 2021)

online reviews vs customer surveys

Online reviews vs. customer surveys is a subject that may confuse many businesses. Companies may make the mistake in assuming the terms are interchangeable, when in fact, reviews and surveys are quite different from each other.

Reviews are displayed in public and are initiated by customers whereas surveys are private and include questions asked by the company. It is important to remember that customer sentiment plays an essential role in determining the future of your brand.

Feedback also provides essential information that can help your company improve products and services. Both reviews and surveys are essential resources for every business, and it is important for companies to ensure they design the best online review systems.

What Are Online Reviews?

Online reviews appear on eCommerce sites as well as on search engine listings when a potential customer does a search for a product or service. The outcome of reviews is often seen in the form of a star rating right below the product’s name on some sites.

After a visitor scrolls down, they may see a button that says “review this product” alongside a list of reviews accompanied by a star rating and sometimes a first name. Reviews also appear on search results for a product or service, and a star rating is often listed underneath the name of the business with more detailed customer reviews viewed by clicking on the reviews section. 

Importance of Online Reviews

Reviews are an inexpensive form of advertising a product or service. They can provide brand exposure to relatively new products. The language used in reviews can be mined for valuable keywords that reflect how your customers think and relate to your product.

In addition, reviews can help you establish a direct connection with your customers and foster brand loyalty. The outcome of reviews can help the company pinpoint what areas need to be improved as well as consolidate brand strengths. When customers feel they are being heard, they often reward that attention with appreciation and brand loyalty. 

What Are Customer Surveys?

Customer surveys may be delivered through email or may pop up and ask the customer about their experience using the product or service. For instance, an intercept survey will track customer feelings at various phases of engaging with a product or service. There are also surveys to measure experience with customer service.

Surveys can be brief or more in-depth, some with five or fewer questions, some with more. A typical survey will ask a participant to rate his or her level of satisfaction with the product or service. There may be a space at the bottom for comments. The ratings may be represented in numerical form from 1 to 5 or with words ranging from “very dissatisfied” to “very satisfied.” A survey is not shared directly with the public and can be used at the company’s discretion. 

The Importance of Customer Surveys

Customer surveys can alert you to issues that require fixing in a way that will not harm your company’s public image the way negative reviews can. A survey can help establish a direct relationship with customers and invite them to provide helpful information. There are many different ways customers can be reached through surveys. For instance, an intercept survey will track customer feelings at various phases of engaging with a product or service.  Surveys can provide valuable data that contribute to customer experience analytics. 

Online Reviews VS Customer Surveys: The Difference Between The Two

Online reviews are comments customers leave about a product or service. Reviews are public information and are available to anyone to access. Reviews help to build a company’s online presence and a feeling of trust with potential customers. In addition, companies can use data from product reviews for in-depth consumer sentiment analysis. 

Online surveys take the form of a list of questions that are asked of customers about the product or service. They are not shared publicly like reviews are, and the company can control how the information is used.

While reviews are free-form, surveys direct the customer to answer specific questions about the product or service. It is therefore easier to receive quantitative as well as qualitative information from surveys. Surveys can provide valuable data that contribute to customer experience analytics. You can collect information on leads through surveys by asking for contact information at the end of the survey. 

How Do Reviews and Surveys Influence Consumer Behavior?

According to surveys from Statista, 62% of online shoppers found reviews a helpful indication of product quality and customer satisfaction. Although reviews can influence purchasing decisions, most shoppers take them with a grain of salt, with only 18% saying they found online reviews as trustworthy recommendations from family and friends. However, statistics also show the importance of having positive reviews. According to surveys, a large majority of shoppers said they were driven away from a product because of negative reviews, and customers were 21% more likely to leave a negative than a positive review. This demonstrates that reviews can sometimes be skewed and biased. Many shoppers are aware of this, however, it is important to be aware of this problem and have a strategy in place for dealing with problematic reviews.

online reviews improve product quality

Channeling the Power of Reviews and Surveys

Reviews and surveys help business owners keep their fingers on the pulse of consumer sentiment. It is essential for a company’s success to receive many reviews and positive feedback from customers. In addition, surveys can provide valuable information about your customers’ experience in an in-depth way and can provide clarity about issues affecting your business. Paying attention to your customer’s voice and learning to use this data as a powerful tool to improve your company’s ranking can be the best investment in your marketing strategy. 

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