“Keto Stomach” is a Thing and Here’s How Dieters Deal With it

Keto Stomach

Diets are big business and people spend hours online trying to find the ideal one to keep them as healthy and as fit as possible. In 2021, the “Keto diet” was the most searched for diet on Google — knocking the Mediterranean diet, Weight Watchers, and even 5:2 out of the water.

The Keto diet is a high fat, low carb, low fiber eating plan that many consider to be one of the easiest and tastiest ways to keep an expanding waistline in check. (Think, thick juicy steaks, lashings of butter and cream, and only very minimal vegetable prep!) What’s more, the Keto diet has other impressive health benefits and is even recommended by medical professionals to control the symptoms of diabetes, epilepsy and heart disease

Sadly, it’s not all good news. Studies suggest that Keto can negatively impact the delicate balance of bacteria and flora residing in the human gut causing significant digestive issues for those on the Keto diet for the long term. As a result, people on Keto diets are some of the biggest consumers of probiotic ingestibles — products designed to replace the healthy gut bacteria that were killed off by their diet. This is evident from the fact that, in Revuze’s original research data, “Keto” has appeared prominently as a subject in discussion boards relating to Probiotic Ingestibles since the beginning of Q1 2019, and at a generally high sentiment of 86%.  

Probiotic Ingestibles with skincare benefits that mention Keto in the Reviews

Keto and the Upset Stomach: Revuze’s Findings 

Main Findings:

  • Keto has appeared prominently as a subject in online consumer discussions relating to Probiotic Ingestibles since the beginning of Q1 2019
  • Keto is mentioned in 60% of online discussions concerning “stomach issues caused by diets”
  • In 2021, the “Keto diet” was the most searched for diet on Google

According to Revuze’s extensive consumer opinions database, Keto comes up more often than any other diet in online discussions about stomach sensitivities caused by diets. In fact, Keto is mentioned in a whopping 60% of online discussions concerning ‘stomach issues caused by diets’ and also appears frequently in diet-related discussions where probiotic ingestibles and skin sensitivity is discussed.

But Keto isn’t the only diet that would appear to cause an upset stomach. The next runner up is the vegetarian diet, with a significant 32% of discussions about stomach issues caused by diets.  

Stomach Sensitivity issues diets

While Keto is probably the lowest fiber diet a person can consume, the vegetarian diet is the highest. The message seems to be that too little or too much fiber can be a bad thing for the stomach and that fiber is best when consumed in moderation.

In the meantime, how are consumers dealing with the negative dietary effects of their chosen diets? The answer seems to lie in the consumption of probiotic digestibles. 

What Consumers Are Saying 

Two probiotic products come up most frequently on Keto discussion boards:  

GoBiotix’ Prebiotic Fiber Boost Powder:

“I am currently on the Keto diet, and I was not getting enough fiber and having digestive issues and trouble with bowel movements. I combine this powder with my shake in the morning and after just a few days I have noticed an improvement in all aspects.”

Digest on Keto – Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics & Apple Cider Vinegar:

“This supplement really helped my digestive system adjust to Keto. I have a very sensitive system, and these worked great!!”

“Really helps my gut while being on Keto. Was really gassy and bloated, and this took care of that easily. My stomach also doesn’t hurt as much from the protein rich Keto diet.”

Over to You

Diets like Keto and vegetarian are very popular right now but they are not without their negative side effects. Eating too little or too much fiber negatively impacts the microbiome resulting in stomach issues. However, given that people are unlikely to stop eating a diet that is helping them stay healthy and fit, probiotic ingestibles represent a good solution for those suffering with gastric symptoms. The reviews certainly reflect how helpful consumers find many of these products. 

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