How the Computer Chip Shortage Is Affecting Consumer Opinions

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The global chip shortage, one of the most consequential shortages of the ongoing supply chain crsis, has caused major disruptions and delays in the production of electronics, cars, and many other consumer products.

The shortage in chips has seen demand and prices spike. Because the two largest producers of computer chips are foreign countries — Taiwan and South Korea — minor U.S. manufacturers are seeing demand spike run up to 50% more than they can supply.

At Revuze, we use AI to index and analyze millions of online consumer opinions; our clients — from Fortune 500 companies to smaller ecommerce enterprises — use our product insights for market research purposes. In our research on the computer chip industry, we’ve analyzed the way the global chip shortage is affecting consumer opinions in 8 different countries.

Which data we analyzed

We analyzed online opinions (mainly based on eCommerce reviews) on chip and data storage-related products in 8 countries: U.S., China, India, South Korea, Germany, U.K., France, and Japan.

The product hierarchies we analyzed included memory cards, USB flash drives, internal SSD, wireless chargers, and many more.

These are our maing findings

  • Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a significant decline in volume of online reviews on chip-related products in 7 major markets.
  • The most important declines took place in the following markets: China (-91%), India (-89%), and the U.S. (-58%).
  • South Korea was the only major market not to experience a decline in volume of online reviews.

What consumers are saying

“Bought this before the chip shortage, so if you can help it wait for the price to go back down,” wrote one reviewer.

Another one wrote: “The chip shortage impacted delivery times, but B&H didn’t give up. They kept me updated, and delivered after a reasonable delay.

“Pros: Fast, 2TB of storage. Cons: Still waiting on Playstation to update the firmware to allow the use of this item.  Overall Review: Buy it now, before there is a chip shortage for all the Playstation 5 storage upgrades,” wrote another one.

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