Free IIEX presentations available, including our Procter & Gamble session

Revuze was honored to speak at IIeX Atlanta by invitation from Procter & Gamble for their IIEX session. Just now IIEX made all the event presentation available for the wide audience .Revuze’s presentation is titled “Making Better Decisions Faster, by Turning Every Employee Into an Analyst” and is showing at the 15:00 time slot.

As a reminder Revuze is the first automated market research technology, turning unstructured text from eCommerce sites, Social Media, call centers, emails, surveys etc. into a complete market research analysis, covering brands to products to features, without any involvement of IT or data scientists or experts.

With our unique technology any employee of Procter & Gamble that needs deep market information to make daily business decisions is empowered to do so with high level of confidence and without the need for lengthy cycles of research, analysts or IT projects.

Our session at IIEX covered the recent drivers that require brands to empower a wide range of employees to make better data driven decisions. This includes:

• 90% of the world data was created in the last 2 years per IBM
• Most of the answers brands look for are already there
• Mining the data today required experts, IT and delivers partial (<20%) results
• Why brands need to empower a wide range of employees to make faster and better decisions
• Sample use benefits across Product, Marketing, Research & QA
• How Revuze delivers 5-10X more granularity to brands so they can make well educated decisions

As a reminder when we came back from IIEX we shared the 3 Insights from IIEX Atlanta – go and catch up on the latest trends we report there.

See you in our next post!

The Revuze team.

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