Customer Experience: A quick guide to win customers (2020)

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Customers are the force that drives your business forward. A key to a successful business is unparalleled customer experience. Out of all examples (and there are countless ones), Amazon is my favorite. A company that was lead by one main target – customer satisfaction. This target allowed Amazon to be perceived by customers around the world as a customer-friendly company and throughout the years’ Amazon successfully manages to take over so many major markets, one after the other.

There are countless examples of companies that have changed their focus towards being more customer-oriented companies and have thrived since. Every business course starts and ends with this very important subject.

How can you make your company more customer-friendly and improve your customer’s experience? There are many ways and it depends a lot on the type of your product or service, your competition, and on the type of market and customer you are facing. The important thing is to successfully and accurately get the knowledge of how good is the interaction with your company from the customer’s point of view, or in short, how to measure your customer’s experience. 

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How to measure customer experience?

As in all sciences that are socially and psychologically based, there is no one truth here. Some believe it is important to measure customer experience in a broad way, by viewing the whole journey of the customer and trying to rate it as one experience. The problem with this method is the lack of actual feedback and therefore it’s very hard to learn and improve as a company, based on an overall experience rating.

Others believe it is best to measure the customer experience on many small points of interaction the customer has with the brand or company, obviously around a service he has received or a product he has purchased. This might include, in the example of the product, a survey for the online purchase experience, the delivery, the product itself, etc.

In my opinion, there is no one way and it’s even very bad to choose only one of the two options. You need to have both. The most common ways to measure each are NPS (Net Promoter Score) for an overall understanding of the customer’s satisfaction and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) for each individual interaction or service.

Net Promoter Score

NPS is the most popular scale of overall satisfaction and is very simple. The customers are asked one question: “How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?” and their results are summed to a scale of -100 to +100.

As the question states, the purpose of this metric is to understand how likely is it for a customer to recommend your product or company to someone he knows. This scale has a very high correlation to growth since having more customers as promoters of your company is the best marketing tool you can encounter.

The problem with using only the Net Promoter Score is that you can’t really improve the service you are giving your customers. As a tool of understanding your overall success with keeping your customers happy, it’s excellent. But it’s not enough.


CSAT, or Customer Satisfaction, is the answer to how to learn from each interaction with your customers in order to learn and improve.

For each interaction that you feel is an important one for your customers, you provide them with a very short 1-5 star rating survey. The survey should be very easy and quick to answer since you want to be able to present such surveys more than once to each customer, without being a frustrating part of the buying process. This is one of the common pitfalls: Many enthusiastic business owners want to improve their business so much, so they conduct too many CSAT surveys.

So how to actually select the points and perform the Customer Satisfaction Survey correctly?

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The survey should be as short as a single question, with a one-to-five star rating as an answer. Simple and effective.

Start with looking at each interaction your customer has with your company, and try to understand if it is something you might be able to improve. Then some common sense needs to be applied, and out of all these, you should select the top points that actually matter.

We previously written a detailed article about CSAT which is a must-read before planning and conducting such a survey.

Both NPS and CSAT are great, but they both don’t satisfy the important need of actually getting human feedback. A broad term for the actual feedback customers may leave you is the Voice of Customer.

Voice of customer

Customers Experience
Voice of the customer (VOC)

You don’t want to interact with your customers based only on stars and scales, you want to actually listen to them. The two obvious advantages here are getting a clearer picture of how some experience is for your customers and the fact that customers love it when a brand is actually listening to them.

We previously written a detailed article about Voice Of Customer, so if this subject requires more clarifications we welcome you to check it out.

This is a much broader term since there are countless ways of listening to your customers. Some are simply providing them with a text box to give feedback, some rely on social listening .Others go as far as personally interviewing customers in an in-person or phone interview.

This is a much broader term since there are countless ways of listening to your customers. Some are simply providing them with a text box to give feedback, some rely on social listening .Others go as far as personally interviewing customers in an in-person or phone interview.

A very efficient way to listen to the voice of your customers is by analyzing online reviews.

Online Reviews Analytics

Customers love to leave online reviews. It allows them to show appreciation to your brand or leave their comments for a bad service they have received. This way they feel that they are helping a whole community with their reviews.

Analyzing these comments and reviews is a very hot topic these days with companies that are offering automatic, AI-based analysis for such reviews.

How does strategy play a role in Customer Experience?

I hope you are starting to understand that customer experience measurement isn’t a linear and easy process. To do this correctly, it is important to plan, design, and build your own customer experience survey system that fits your overall eCommerce strategy.

It’s essential that you make sure to get feedback that is thorough. Make sure you get detailed feedback, but also a feedback which ranks the total experience.

How Revuze helps to create a powerful customer experience strategy

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