15 Handpicked Customer Experience Management Resources

15 Handpicked Customer Experience Management Resources

Must Read Customer Experience Management Resources for 2021

This past year has had its challenges. 2020 was a year of reckoning and changes, including a global pandemic that has reshaped consumers and markets. Customers have become more aware, savvy, and communicative. Re-learning and understanding this consumer experience “new normal” is a must in order to maintain customer interest and loyalty.

Going into 2021 you’ll need to re-think your customer experience strategy. Investing in customer experience analysis, getting actionable insights, and improving consumer retention will be crucial. We are delighted to share with you a handpicked list of articles, collected here for easy access and read.

Following is a collection of fifteen insightful resources on customer experience management handpicked by our CX experts.

Why loyalty and sentiment will be the biggest challenges for brands in 2021

Ethical reboot: How to handle customer data responsibly after COVID-19

How Customer Analytics Helps to Optimize Buyer Experience

Why You Can’t Rely on Numbers to Illustrate Customer Experience

How to Turn Consumer Insights into Action for Your Brand

Lead With Empathy To Enhance Customer Experience

The New Role Of Marketing: Taking The Experience To The Customer

How The Homebody Economy Is Shaping Digital Customer Experience

The Upside Of Customer Experience Improvement In A Down Economy

Why And How To Socialize Real-Time Data To Improve The Customer Experience

Service First: Customer Experience In The Subscription Economy

Five Customer Experience Tips For Brands (Big And Small)

How AI Can Change Customer Experience And Engagement

What Is Broken About Customer Experience Today?

How To Build A Better Customer Experience From Within Your Company

We hope that these carefully selected articles will provide you with some insightful ideas and tips to help you optimize your 2021 customer experience strategy.

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