The Smart TV Market 2019 Industry Report & 2020 Projections

Smart TV Industry Report & Projections (2019 & 2020)

Smart TV Industry Report Televisions were introduced to the American general public during the late 1940s. Since then, TVs have become a household item and a major part of our cultural and social lives. But alas, all these TV sets could do was broadcast our favorite network series or news channel. Thankfully, Smart TVs came out and changed the game.  Unlike old fashioned TVs, Smart TVs have the built-in capability…

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Headphones Market in 2019 and 2020 Projections -Industry Report

Headphones Market Industry Report: Amazing Insights (2019-2020)

Headphones Market Industry Report First created in 1910, headphones and earphones have become an inseparable part of modern life. This pair of small speakers worn over or inside the user’s ears enables us  to listen to music or sounds, take phone calls, and even connect to gaming systems. The current selection of headphones is so wide and abundant, from old school wired headphones to tiny wireless in-ear earphones. The major…

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Amazon Keyword Research

4 Tips For Better eCommerce Optimization With Revuze’s New Alert Solution

What is eCommerce Optimization? Customer reviews help businesses understand why they are retaining or losing customers, learn what needs to change with their product or service, and get an overall look at their consumer market and competition (also known as eCommerce optimization). Moreover, customer reviews can directly influence potential buyers – and can make or break a brand. Businesses selling their products on Amazon need to keep a close eye…

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Revuze product update March 2020

Revuze Product Update March 2020

We take pride in enabling marketing and product executives to make data driven decisions quickly based on what their customers are asking for. The understanding that every role must be aware of market trends is already well established. Revuze explorer our flagship product does exactly that, enabling every user to dive into analyzed data and extract valuable information and action items. But sometimes wouldn’t you just wish that get a…

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online review analytics

Amazon Review Analysis: The Beginners Guide (2020)

Nowadays, online consumers check reviews and social media posts before purchasing a product or service. Amazon customers are no different. Monitoring your product reviews will make sure you’ll stay ahead of the game, and the competition. But how do you effectively and efficiently monitor and analyze Amazon reviews? And why should you? This blog post will answer all of your Amazon Review analysis questions. Why Is Amazon Reviews Analysis Important ?…

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The US Footwear Market 2019 Recap and 2020 Projections

The US Footwear Market Research Report: 2019 Recap and 2020 Projections

The US Footwear Market Research Rerpot The US footwear market research report is about the largest market in the world, with a market share of over 79 billion dollars in 2018. This industry is responsible for supplying Americans with one of the most basic day-to-day items, shoes. Be it dress shoes, boots, high heeled sandals, or sneakers. The athletic footwear US market alone generated around 19.6 billion dollars in 2017.…

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boosting brand loyalty

4 Easy Tips for Boosting Your Brand Loyalty With Customer Data

Brand loyalty is strong positive consumer sentiment, meaning people will choose a particular brand over all the others. After developing trust in a brand, loyal customers won’t need to be convinced, or heavily marketed to. They will continue to buy the brand’s products or services because they enjoy and prefer them, even if the competitors are offering something similar. However, creating and fostering brand loyalty isn’t quick and easy. Today’s…

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The Denim Jeans Market 2019 Recap and 2020 Projections

Denim Jeans Market Report: 2019 Recap and 2020 Mind-Blowing Projections

Denim Jeans Market Report Jeans and trousers made from denim fabric were introduced to the American market back in the late 18th century. American soldiers would spread the word about this durable and comfortable piece of clothing fabric during World War II, and 50’s movie stars made it world-famous. Nowadays, jeans can be found almost in any closet worldwide.  Sure, denim jeans come in different styles and colors. However, denim blue…

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Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing Renaissance – 5 Points To Consider

Ok, you got this great product – it’s innovative and imaginative. You even throughout the whole brand around it, the logo, the colors, the entire identity. But if you don’t communicate its awesomeness to the world, it’s all worthless. Brand marketing takes a brand out into the world and shows potential consumers why it’s worth their time and money.  This blog post will explain what Brand Marketing is, why Marketing…

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