What Is Social Sentiment?

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Social media sentiment—commonly referred to as “social sentiment”—is the feeling or attitude people express on social media regarding a specific brand, service, or product. Social sentiments are usually expressed through posts or comments on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and so on. For businesses that care about managing their image and their brand reputation, social sentiments are crucial to gather data on their consumers and on their competitors. In this blog post, we will…

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What Is Text Analytics?

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What is text mining? Text analytics is an automated process to analyze a piece of writing and extract useful information from it. It is often carried out with the help of a software designed to go through lengthy texts and gather insights that may be useful for marketing, branding, and other research purposes. Many companies use text analytics to analyze articles, tweets, social media posts, reviews, comments, and other types of writing, to find meaning…

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New coverage of Revuze on Forbes

We’re so excited…feel free to read through this great article about the importance of leveraging innovative AI solutions such as Revuze to know your customers and market better. Contact us with any follow on questions you may have! Enjoy!   https://www.forbes.com/sites/sap/2019/07/29/customers-have-strong-feelings-about-toothpaste-this-start-up-uses-ai-to-help-companies-understand-those-sentiments/  

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What Is Sentiment Analysis?

What is Sentiment Analysis

  Sentiment analysis is the automated process to analyze a text and interpret the sentiments behind it. Through machine learning, algorithms can classify statements as positive, negative, and neutral. This process, also known as “opinion mining,” is often used by companies and brands as a strategy for social media monitoring to manage large amounts of data and gain consumer insights to learn more about customers and competitors. What Is Sentiment Analysis Used For?   Sentiment…

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Revuze partners with iProspect to help brands win at Commerce in the New Digital Economy

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We’re very excited to announce this great thought leadership paper and survey put together by iProspect, with participation from Revuze. Revuze is in good company next to other contributors such as Google, Pinterest, Jumper.ai and brands like Saucony, KLM, Beiersdorf. Report overview By the end of 2020, retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.21 trillion (USD) worldwide. Although transactions happening offline will still represent more than 80% of the estimated retail sales, growth is shifting to e-commerce with a sales…

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