4 Easy Tips for Boosting Your Brand Loyalty With Customer Data
4 Easy Tips for Boosting Your Brand Loyalty With Customer Data

4 Easy Tips for Boosting Your Brand Loyalty With Customer Data

Simone Somekh

Feb 25, 2020 ‧ 4 MIN.

Brand loyalty is strong positive consumer sentiment, meaning people will choose a particular brand over all the others. After developing trust in a brand, loyal customers won’t need to be convinced, or heavily marketed to. They will continue to buy the brand’s products or services because they enjoy and prefer them, even if the competitors are offering something similar.

However, creating and fostering brand loyalty isn’t quick and easy. Today’s global market means consumers have endless options to choose from at their fingertips, making it harder for brands to maintain customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

In this blog post we will discuss why Brand Loyalty is so important, and how quality customer experience can boost brand loyalty.

Why Is Brand Loyalty Important?

Brand Loyalty is how you make customers come back once and again to your brand. This kind of emotional relationship fostered with consumers leads to repeat purchases, higher revenues, and positive word-of-mouth.

Businesses with a strong and well-founded brand loyalty will enjoy returning customers that’ll make repeat purchases. The steady stream of sales will continue regardless of changes in the product or service price or customer convenience. For example, even though Apple’s Iphone devices keep getting more expensive each year, loyal consumers keep coming back and buying the latest version. That is a kind of brand loyalty Android device providers don’t enjoy.

Another great advantage of a solid and loyal customer base is the priceless word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing. In addition to having higher sales, brands that have successfully established consumer loyalty enjoy free and vocal advocates. Satisfied loyal customers often become brand ambassadors that spread positive WOM, recommending, defending, and publicizing the brand with potential clients.

So, how to establish and maintain such a loyal customer base?

Here Are 4 Tips for Boosting Brand Loyalty

1 – Connect and engage with your customers

Creating strong connections with your customers is at the base of brand loyalty. Sharing the brand’s new developments or exciting recent changes helps businesses create a sense of belonging and community. 

One of the best ways to stay engaged with your customers is social media. Communicating with consumers via social media platforms will make them feel involved and listened-to. Making changes and improvements based on Social Sentiment will make consumers feel heard, leading to better attitudes and creating loyalty.

You should use social listening tools to monitor and analyze your customer experience, and use the information to improve your product or service. You need to keep your loyal customers satisfied with impeccable customer service and tight social media game. Answer, engage, share, listen, and encourage your most loyal customers – they will pay it forward.

2 – Be consistent

Just like with any solid Brand Strategy, consistency is key. Staying consistent and reliable is vital for building brand loyalty. A brand has to stay consistent with product quality, customer service and customer experience. Consumers will develop a sense of loyalty only when they are confident that you will deliver on your promises every time, not just when it’s easy and convenient. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

A brand’s look should also be consistent – if consumers can identify a brand, they can create a relationship and eventually become loyal. Logos and design elements should look the same and on par with the brand strategy and identity. Going back to the Apple example, their sleek and simple design is unmistakable and has a big role in creating a strong and recognizable brand with an almost cult following.

brand loyalty

3 – Stay Focused

Customers that understand your brand will identify with it and will become loyal to it. Keeping your brand identity focused on what you do best will help consumers recognize your brand with excellence. 

You don’t have to limit your brand to one single product type, just focus your marketing around your brand’s best feature – the easier it is to identify the brand, the more affection it will foster in people. For example, look at one of the largest brands in the world, Nike. It has multiple sportswear products, but most people will associate the brand with its famous Air Jordans. Just make sure to base your strategy around granular customer experience (CX) analysis. Quality analysis will inform you about which aspect of your brand is your customer’s favorite and why, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that’ll drive your brand forward.

4 – Monitor and react to industry trends in time

In order to stay relevant and keep your customers interested and engaged, you need to keep tabs on the latest industry trends. Learning and implementing new technologies or adjusting your brand to cultural and market trends establishes your brand as current and up to date. It’ll help capture customers’ interest and show them they are rolling with an innovative and cutting edge brand. 

Apart from keeping your brand hip and trendy, being aware of industry trends can educate you on what consumers are looking for. Quality Product Trend Analysis will inform you on what did or didn’t work and what consumers are missing in the current market.


Creating and cultivating Brand Loyalty relies on connecting with consumers, staying consistent and honest, and keeping your brand current and updated. To make sure you boost and encourage your customers’ loyalty you need to understand them better.

Highly granular CX analysis provides an accurate view of the consumer market – informing you on customer needs, wants, sentiment and attitudes.

Revuze developed the first self-training, low touch AI technology that collects and analyzes customer feedback automatically and serves valuable insights. This innovative Artificial intelligence technology collects data from a variety of sources, such as online reviews, social media monitoring, emails, surveys, call center data, and more. The end result is highly granular customer feedback. Want to learn more about how Revuze can help you boost Brand Loyalty? Click here.

Simone Somekh

Simone Somekh is a New York-based writer and editor who specializes in marketing and communications for B2B SaaS companies. He teaches Communications at Touro College and he is the author of an award-winning novel published in four languages.

Simone Somekh is a New York-based writer and editor who specializes in marketing and communications for B2B SaaS companies. He teaches Communications at Touro College and he is the author of an award-winning novel published in four languages.