Fake Product Reviews

How Do Fake Reviews on Amazon Impact CX Analytics?

It’s happened to all of us. Say you want to purchase a product on Amazon, you’re scrolling through options, and you take a quick look at the customer reviews to see the pros and cons of each item. Among the reviews, some appear to be balanced, honest, and thought-out; while others are so overly enthusiastic, that you can’t avoid doubting their authenticity. Here’s the thing: Most shoppers rely on customer…

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New Revuze Dashboard

Revuze Next Generation Solution is Here!

Our New UI Is Here! At Revuze we take pride in empowering operational roles in brands to make autonomous, data driven decisions quickly and without the need for experts, data scientists and analysts.  Helping every role be aware of all the market trends needed to make a knowledgeable decision quickly and without lengthy projects and processes make the entire organization stronger, nimble and competitive. We’re now announcing that we just…

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Customer satisfaction survey

How to measure customer satisfaction in 5 steps

There might be only one thing different business owners and service providers can agree on: customer satisfaction is crucial for keeping your business growing. The customers are the key element of every business and keeping them happy means keeping the business alive.  Over the years, many studies have shown the importance of customer satisfaction, how crucial it is to gain the correct data about it and why many businesses fail…

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How Revuze’s cutting edge customer insight solution eliminates the need for customer satisfaction surveys

It used to be that customers insight in could only be obtained in direct means, such as asking questions, posting surveys, poll surveys, and alike. While this was a good way to get feedback relatively quickly, it also required a lot time, planning and post analytic efforts. Of course, there was also the issue of how trustworthy an official customer survey can be, which, in turn, depends on the customers’…

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