Customer satisfaction survey

How to measure customer satisfaction in 5 steps

There might be only one thing different business owners and service providers can agree on: customer satisfaction is crucial for keeping your business growing. The customers are the key element of every business and keeping them happy means keeping the business alive.  Over the years, many studies have shown the importance of customer satisfaction, how crucial it is to gain the correct data about it and why many businesses fail…

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How Revuze’s cutting edge customer insight solution eliminates the need for customer satisfaction surveys

It used to be that customers insight in could only be obtained in direct means, such as asking questions, posting surveys, poll surveys, and alike. While this was a good way to get feedback relatively quickly, it also required a lot time, planning and post analytic efforts. Of course, there was also the issue of how trustworthy an official customer survey can be, which, in turn, depends on the customers’…

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Social Listening Image

How brands implement predictive analytics and social listening to improve their customer experience

The role that social media plays for brands has been evolving and changing ever since social media came to be. At first, they were using it to promote their business, products, or services. After that, companies started organizing communities around their brand and insisting on communication. Over time, however, the role of social media had shifted as well, and now — it is being used as a means to provide…

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predictive customer analytics

5 Ways Big Data Customer Analytics Can Impact Business Results

In today’s ultra-competitive market, all corporate executives need to base their decisions on solid research, data, and information; this way, every move they make will be based on informed decisions and will be more likely to help them succeed and thrive. Top Executives, Product Managers and Customer Analytics Managers seek to use big data to analyze their customer base and their competition’s moves. In this article, we will explore some…

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Voice of the customer

Voice of Customer: What Is It and Why It Is so Important?

What is Voice of Customer, often referred to with the acronym “Voc”? “Voice of Customer” (VoC) is a broad term businesses use to define the opinions, comments, expectations, sentiments, and critiques of their customer base regarding a service or product. It allows companies to improve their products, and their customer service by listening to their customers’ voice; ultimately, it can be an effective way to retain customers and have them…

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