The denim jeans market 2019 report

The Denim Jeans Market 2019 Recap and 2020 Projections

Jeans and trousers made from denim fabric were introduced to the American market back in the late 18th century. American soldiers would spread the word about this durable and comfortable piece of clothing fabric during World War II, and 50’s movie stars made it world famous. Nowadays, jeans can be found almost in any closet worldwide.  Sure, denim jeans come in different styles and colors. However, denim blue jeans are particularly…

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ask open ended questions

5 Open-ended Questions to Help You Find Business Pain Points

Pain Points are any problems customers experience with a product or service. These issues can present in different aspects, like productivity levels, process execution or financials. Identifying these pain points is a vital part of an effective Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy that will enable you to enter a new market successfully and efficiently. Business pain points often hide in plain sight. Many businesses aren’t happy or eager to discuss them, or…

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Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing Renaissance – 5 Points To Consider

Ok, you got this great product – it’s innovative and imaginative. You even throughout the whole brand around it, the logo, the colors, the entire identity. But if you don’t communicate its awesomeness to the world, it’s all worthless. Brand marketing takes a brand out into the world and shows potential consumers why it’s worth their time and money.  This blog post will explain what Brand Marketing is, why Marketing…

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Brand Strategy

6 Tips for a Successful Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is a long-term plan for a brand, detailing specific development timeline and goals. A well-defined strategy is extensive and directly influenced by customer needs, sentiment, and market competition. It is the base to any successful brand, the foundation to its innovation and growth. Let’s start with why brand strategy is so important An effective and data-driven brand strategy helps brands stand out in an extremely competitive market,…

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What is SWOT analysis

SWOT Analysis

Wouldn’t you want to know what’s working well, and what’s not going so good before embarking on any new strategy or implementing any groundbreaking changes to a brand? So, it is probably worthwhile to stop and do some much needed research. SWOT Analysis is a great way to assess a business’ current market position.  In this article we’ll talk about what a SWOT analysis is, take a look at its…

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