Voice of customer myth busted

Busting 5 Myths About Voice Of Customer

The Voice of the Customer consists of all the feedback, opinions, and comments customers may express regarding a product or a service. It’s usually called just “Voice of Customer” or “VoC.” Over the years, listening to the voice of consumers has become a key activity for businesses in order to assess performance and study possible improvements for their products and their customer service. In addition, by listening to the VoC,…

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customer experience word cloud

The 3 capabilities of an actionable CX Analytics solution

The CX analytics market is a multi-billion $ market. Just the US part was recently estimated to grow from under $2B in 2018 to $3.4B in 2023. The market is crowded for a reason as consumers represent the largest business driver in the world and brands compete ferociously for their business.  In a crowded market every vendor tries to distinguish itself and promise unique benefits that seem attractive. Here we’ll…

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Customer Experience Management

What is Customer Experience?

Customers are the force that drives your business forward. A key to a successful business is satisfied customers. Out of all examples (and there are countless ones), Amazon is my favorite. A company that was lead by one main target – customer satisfaction. This target allowed Amazon to be perceived by customers around the world as a customer-friendly company and throughout the years Amazon successfully manages to take over so…

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