Dear customers and partners,

I’m writing this to update you on our activities during these challenging times. I’m thinking about you and your families at this time and want to wish everyone good health and offer our support throughout this difficult period.

To secure the health of our employees and partners we’ve moved to a remote work-from-home method and are adopting additional productivity tools and virtual meetings.

Since our team is global, our team is able to offer great time zone coverage in support of our customers and partners, and a work-from-home shift will not interrupt this.

Our team is more limited in international travel, as more and more states put new regulations in place in order to guarantee the safety of their citizens. This is the only exception to our typical mode of operation and we hope you will understand that it is mandated to keep the safety of our employees as well as our customers’ and partner’s employees.

Support, success, assistance

We are committed to helping you achieve your business objectives and extracting product insights using Revuze Explorer or our reports. If there is anything we can do to help your business needs please let us know. Please feel free to contact our client or support team at

Wishing you lots of health and success.


Boaz Grinvald


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