Product Launch Step

The Most Overlooked New Product Launch Step – Now More Critical Than Ever

According to a recent Nielsen research, over 80% of new consumer product launches in the fast-moving consumer goods segment fail. According to another Nielsen article, 70% of these launches are by established brands. With so many failures out there, you’d expect that brands would know better by now how to deliver innovation and what would be essential new product launch steps. Established brands are supposed to do well on execution…

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improve customer surveys

How To Improve Customer Surveys In 2020 (The Easy Way)

Customer surveys are crucial to understand your customer’s needs and wants. They offer an excellent medium to gauge customer satisfaction that helps to optimize your customer experience. Better customer experience improves customer loyalty leading to higher profits. However, the traditional techniques of conducting customer surveys and evaluating the collected data has become old and needs an upgrade. Hence, it’s incredibly important to improve customer surveys. In this article, we will…

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industrial sustainability

Contemporary Opportunities For Industrial Sustainability

Industrial Sustainability – Reality or Myth? As environmental awareness grows, industrial trends must follow to support values held by consumers. A 2018 survey discovered that 81% of consumers strongly believe that companies have a responsibility toward the environment. The longstanding association between industrial practices with high energy, water, and pollution intensity has shifted to incorporate innovative and green solutions. Many brands are marketing wastewater reuse, energy efficiency, and lifecycle assessment…

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