Weekly Insights

Weekly Insights #1: The Booming Skin Care & Cosmetics Industry

Weekly insights brought to you by Revuze is a weekly column that will present findings from our dashboards on specific industries or products. If you have any feedback or suggestions we are always happy to hear them! The Skin Care and Cosmetics Industry is a multi-billion global market. In the United States alone, the skincare and beauty product market is estimated at over 90 billion dollars in 2019. With a…

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sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis Using Product Review Data – Unlock Your Product Sentiment 4 Easy Steps

What is Sentiment Analysis Using Product Review Data There is no doubt product reviews contain a whole lot of information – from what consumers liked (or didn’t like) about the product, to favorite features, and even how it compares to the competition. Containing valuable consumer insights, this feedback data gold mine is all you need to elevate your Sentiment Analysis to the next level. In this article we’ll explain what…

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Consumer Behavior

The Importance of consumer behavior in eCommerce marketing (2020)

It is no secret knowing and understanding how and why consumers buy can make marketing a whole lot easier. Sadly, we don’t have a crystal ball. But what we do have is Consumer Behavior analysis. This article will explain what is Consumer Behavior, its importance, what influences consumers, and how you can leverage customer reviews to predict consumer trends and behaviors. What is Consumer Behavior Consumer behavior is the study…

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